Arbat Street Moscow

Last modified on 18 Mar 2020

In every city steeped in history there is always a street which attracts tourists like a magnet. This is a place filled with spirit of its own, while buildings bordering it and side-streets stemming from it each have a story to tell. In Moscow it is Old Arbat or simply Arbat – one of oldest and most popular walking streets. Today Arbat is as important landmark as Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre and St. Basil Cathedral.

This place is exciting in many ways. It is not a fixed monument to history, but a living, ever-changing space. Since 1986 Arbat Street is fully pedestrian and attracts artists and performers of different kinds, tourists and locals – everyone can find something interesting there.

It is not only the place where you can enjoy the beautiful artworks and hand made items, but also meet people who represent a variety of cultures of the ex USSR republics. In addition to different characters you may get acquainted with the true Russians, who are open minded and friendly, so that you have a unique opportunity to feel yourself Russian. 

A visit to Arbat can be a great completion to your Moscow walking tour!

Within walking distance from Arbat is another popular Moscow street:Tverskaya Street Moscow

Souvenirs and Russian Artwork

It is the most popular place to shop for souvenirs and it is the main reason why tourists come here. It is located only 10 min walk from the Kremlin and provides a great choice of souvenirs and various items to bring home – Russian dolls (also known as matreshkas or babushkas), lacquer boxes, various works of art, Russian scarfs, fur, woodwork…

  • Arbat Street is 10 min walk from the Kremlin
  • Nearest metro stations: Smolenskaya and Arbatskaya (Dark Blue Line #3)
  • The street streches for about 1 km between theese two stations 

Cafes and restaurants

Cafes and places to wine and dine are everywhere – different kitchens (Russian, Italian, Caucasian, Japanese, American). This place is especially charming early in the morning from late spring to early autumn – you can have a cup of coffee in one of its open-air verandahs, watch people walking along it and feel like a 19th century Russian aristocrat.


Hard Rock Café

Yes, it is also here along with other American brands, such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's. Occupying a 19th-century building, Hard Rock Café is popular with locals and tourists. And to the joy of both there is also a shop on the ground floor where you can buy branded t-shirts, cups and other branded items.