3-hour Private Aurora Hunting Tour Murmansk

Enjoy the dancing lights of aurora borealis on Murmansk Northern Lights Tour

Northern Lights is a unique natural phenomenon that happens only in the Far North, and the Russian Arctic is one of the best places to see this natural event. 
Murmansk region is said to be the region with the highest rate of aurora borealis sightings per night. Places around Murmansk are perfect for seeing northern lights natural phenomena because they feature scenic landscapes allowing for a theatre-like feel to your Northern Lights experience. Also, the area around Murmansk makes it possible to see Northern Lights during more than half a year, one of the longest periods of aurora borealis activity on Earth.

Go on the tour to see Northern Lights in Murmansk with us. The tour starts in the evening around 9 and takes you to the best location to gaze at the capering palette of aurora borealis.

Start location: your Murmansk hotel
End location: your Murmansk hotel 



  • private guided tour
  • private transport

Tour Highlights

  • See the northern lights, have a look at one of the world’s natural wonders (if the weather allows)
  • Unveil the beauty of the Russian North 
  • Go on the journey to the locations best for viewing the northern lights
  • Come to know the explanation behind the northern lights phenomenon
  • Enjoy the scenic landscape around Murmansk
  • Sense the Tundra environment, likely to change due to rising climate temperatures.

Important information

For students & student groups: if you're booking for a student group, please get a "single" ticket for one participant, and "student" tickets for others. Alternatively, consider getting a "group" ticket for everyone, if it offers a cheaper price. If your are a solo travelling student, please select a "single" ticket.


Booking Information

  • Secure your tour now with only 30% deposit
  • Pay the remaining amount 7 days before tour or earlier. 

Please note: in order for us to guarantee your tour the remaining amount must be paid in a timely manner. We will send you a series of email and sms reminders. It is your responsibility to check your email and text messages. Please make sure to whitelist our email address booking@kremlintour.com (so that our emails don't go to spam; here is a quick guide to do so).


More about Private Aurora Hunting Tour Murmansk

Few things are as mesmerizing as the incessant movement of streamers of light during the polar night. They are like the promise of the miraculous in the world where few believe in miracles. What country is better than Russia for you to probe your sense of the preternatural? Here the vast swathes of Tundra, border with somewhat futuristic Soviet-built somber settlements, epitomizing the human effort to tame nature. The boundless ocean is frozen during winter and seems like a limitless ice desert. It is the lights of the aurora borealis that bring life to this frozen landscape on wintery nights.

Go on the Northern Lights Safari with us. Take Aurora Hunting Tour Murmansk for you to see the most beautiful northern lights in Russia. Murmansk Region is one of the world’s best places to view aurora borealis, and our guides know the best spots to position yourself. The tour commences at 9 in the evening. It lasts for 3 hours, with you and your driver and guide setting out for the most promising location to sight the northern lights. Your guide and driver will be with you throughout your tour and you will have time to spare to enjoy the beauty of aurora borealis.
Remember: observing northern lights is best when warmly dressed so put on the appropriate clothes. 

After the sighting of the northern lights (if lucky), you will be heading to your Murmansk hotel. Enjoy the unique natural environment of Tundra, soon likely to change due to the rising temperatures and climate change. Just like safari, the northern lights allow you to visit a unique biological and geographical region and see the main tourist attraction of the Russian north.

See Northern Lights and enjoy expert guiding and traveling assistance in the English language.  Go on the Aurora Hunting Tour Murmansk to discover the Russian North.

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