Nadya, Moscow tour guide

Hello, I’m Nadya!

Planning to go to Russia but hesitating which city to visit? Don’t hesitate, have a wonderful time in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. Only visiting both cities it is possible to get an idea of what Russian history and culture are about.

I was born in St. Petersburg, but got married and moved to Moscow. Having worked as a tour guide in both cities, I can claim that each of them is unique and magnificent. Seeing only one place will not give you complete understanding of the mysterious Russian soul. I love my native city, very European looking St. Petersburg. Anyway, love made me change my place of living and love is the feeling I have for Moscow as well. These cities are so different but they share the same place in my heart.

Authentic ancient monasteries of Moscow, superb parks, great collections of Russian art and applied art, imperial palaces and summer residences of St. Petersburg, traces of Soviet time and memorials of World War II. there are so many great things to learn and discover! Come, meet new friends and enjoy your adventure in Moscow and around with me!

June, 2016

Hi Nadia, 

...I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the EXCELLENT tour that you conducted over the 8th and 9th June.  Your expert and knowledgable tour guiding really did make it a fantastic experience.  I know the weather could have been better but you did an amazing job.  I will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a tour guide for the city and should we return I will definitely seek you out to take us around...

Best regards,


Richard, UK