The GUM Moscow

Last modified on 18 Mar 2020

In the very centre of Moscow, at Red Square is the country’s most important and major shopping mall – the GUM (State Department Store). It’s not only an upscale city store but also a protected historic and architectural landmark of state importance. Indeed, not many shops in Russia (and in the world) have such a rich and interesting history and design as the Moscow GUM. Completed in Russian-revival architectural style, this 19th-century structure became a symbol of Russia just as St. Basil's, the Kremlin and Red Square.

Today, the GUM is best known for its:

  • Upscale brands known all over the world
  • Historic cinema hall
  • Fountain that represents the work of an architectural genius and beside which thousands of romantic dates were scheduled
  • Legendary Canteen #57 (with very tasty and affordable food for a city as expensive as Moscow) that brings us back 50-60 years ago
  • Luxurious Historic toilet of the time of Alexander III, where one can take a shower or get ready for a meeting – one never knows what their needs may be at Red Square!

The GUM is just like Greece – it has everything and a little more!


It is a monument of architecture, culture and history, attracting hundreds of overseas travellers and locals every day. It is a pretty large structure, stretching 240 metres along Red Square and the Kremlin wall. Its glass roof – an architectural achievement of the time – covers 3 galleries parallel to Red Square, each of which are richly decorated and gives an exciting feeling of being in a different world – the world of continious holiday and beauty!


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A visit to the GUM during one of our Moscow city tours with a professional guide will stay in your memory for a long time!