Patriarshy Bridge

Last modified on 27 Jan 2016

The Patriarshy Bridge is often called Moscow’s most beautiful bridge. It has harmoniously blended with the architecture of old and picturesque locality where it was erected. Constructed in the early 21st century, this original bridge is executed in the 19th-century architecture. It is framed by an openwork lattice and adorned with beautiful lamps stylized antique.

What stunning views open up from it to the city! Panoramic view of the Kremlin – medieval fortress in the heart of Moscow – on one side, and legendary Red October Chocolate factory and impressive monument to Peter the Great – on the other.

The view of the Kremlin from the Patriarshy bridge is truly exceptional, and no wonder it was chosen for the President (Medvedev) to record his annual New Year Greetings to Russians between 2008 and 2011.

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At the foot of this elegant bridge, on the side of the Moscow Kremlin, stands majestic Christ the Savior Cathedral – Russia’s main and grandest church. Its golden domes, the biggest of which is 30(!) meters in diameter, can be seen from different parts of Moscow and helps to orient in the city. 

As one can guess the bridge has quickly earned the love of locals, tourists and especially sweethearts. The atmosphere of romance and beauty and the charm of an open space is felt here everywhere. They will make you to want to come here again and again.

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