Polina, St. Petersburg tour guide

St. Petersburg is quite a young city, however it is not a place just of Peter I and Catherine the Great. “The cultural capital” of Russia is very rich and absolutely unique in terms of its history.

If you love discovering new places, adore secrets and conspiracy stories – St. Petersburg is exactly what you need. Welcome to us! Together we’ll admire beautiful facades and interiors of major landmarks as well as unveil hidden facts of the city’s past.

November, 2015

To Polina:

Ellen and I wanted to thank you once again for such a great 2 days of touring in SPB.  You were the highlight of the tour! Thanks for taking such good care of us.  

Tim and Ellen W., USA
July, 2015

To Polina:

My husband Philip and I had the good fortune to visit St Petersburg in July.  I  have been so remiss in thanking you for your excellent care of us durning the tour.  By the time we parted I felt so fond of you Dear Paulina. Your expertise, vigilance, kindness, and enthusiasm made our visit unforgettable.  

With so much appreciation, your USA friend,

Kathleen E., USA
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