Full-day Private Teriberka Tour from Murmansk

Visit the Arctic fishermen village Teriberka on a 9 hour day Teriberka Tour

What can be more enthralling than a journey to the North? No doubt, a trip to its northernmost extremity. Located on the northern fringes of the Russian Murmansk region, Teriberka is an oceanfront Pomory fishermen village with authentic wooden Russian architecture, truly unique culture of Pomory, the Russian settlers of the Far North, and delicious seafood.

On your 8-to-9 hour Murmansk Day tour to Teriberka, you will be able to uncover the enigmatic place during the daytime. The tour starts at about 9 o’clock from your Murmansk hotel. The road to the village will take about 2 hours. By approx. 11.30, you will have arrived in Teriberka.

The tour includes a visit to the village, a tour of the architectural and natural heritage, a meeting with the local community, and many other exciting things, a part of the tour dedicated to “Leviathan”, a political, Oscar-nominated, thriller set in Teriberka.

Start location: your Murmansk hotel
End location: your Murmansk hotel 



  • private guided tour
  • private transport

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Teriberka wooden architecture set against the panoramic backdrop
  • Enjoy scenic Tundra landscape on the road to Teriberka from Murmansk
  • Take pleasure in communication with the Pomory, the first Russian settlers of the North
  • See where Oscar-listed “Leviathan” was shot
  • Visit the graveyard of old ships
  • Enjoy the sight of the Arctic Ocean and visit "dragon eggs" shore

Important information

Occasionally (once or twice a year), the road to Teriberka may be blocked for many hours due to unfavourable weather conditions. It is our guests' responsibility to bear any circumstances in such an event. If you book this tour, you agree to these terms.

For students & student groups: if you're booking for a student group, please get a "single" ticket for one participant, and "student" tickets for others. Alternatively, consider getting a "group" ticket for everyone, if it offers a cheaper price. If your are a solo travelling student, please select a "single" ticket.



  • Secure your tour now with only 30% deposit
  • Pay the remaining amount 10 days before tour or earlier. 

Please note: in order for us to guarantee your tour the remaining amount must be paid in a timely manner. We will send you a series of email and sms reminders. It is your responsibility to check your email and text messages. Please make sure to whitelist our email address booking@kremlintour.com (so that our emails don't go to spam; here is a quick guide to do so).


More about this Private Day tour from Murmansk

Visit the Russian Northern fringes on your tour of Teriberka. Russian Far North is where the true Russian magic is born. What can be more enchanting then speeding through the unchartered swathes of primeval Tundra? It is to know that somewhere on the edge of nowhere there awaits an old rural settlement that has for centuries resisted the adversities of nature. Teriberka, the quintessence of the Russian spirit. Inhabited by the Pomory, it is one of the prime examples of the Russian North wooden architecture, famous for its delectable seafood and well-preserved culture of Pomory, the first Russian settlers.

Your tour of Teriberka will start at 9 o’clock at your Murmansk hotel. You will be provided with a driver and a tour guide speaking the language of your choice. Sense the beauty of the surroundings whilst wheezing through the boundless expanses of Tundra, in thrall to the rising temperatures, and thus soon to change its original appearance and texture.

During your Teriberka visit, will be able to meet Pomory, the first Russian settlers to the North, who engage in seafaring, different crafts, including shipbuilding, hunting for land and sea animals, and fishing.

Then you will be able to take in the immense scale and unmatched prettiness of the environment. Here and there are dotted the old Northern Russian wooden structures and a church. The ocean is just a few miles away and you will be able to feel its freshness coming in the breeze. After snapping a few selfies head back to your comfy vehicle for the ride back to Murmansk. Head there for a warm bath in your hotel and filling dinner. Then head out to catch the Northern Lights.

Go on Teriberka day tour with us to see the Arctic Ocean, the Old Russian North wooden architecture, and the pristine Tundra, you don’t have to hire a helicopter or an ice-breaker, just jump into the comfortable vehicle with a professional chauffeur provided by Pradiz and strike out to Teriberka, a village inhabited by the Pomory.

Booking a tour with us allows you to get the utmost Russian North experience, with expert guiding and traveling assistance, and allows you to outsource the traveling concerns to the team of Kremlin Tour traveling wizards. Book Teriberka Tour, one of the best Russian North Moscow St. Petersburg tours. Get the most out of your traveling in the Russian North.

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