Guide to Moscow Train Stations

Last modified on 18 Mar 2020

One of the first things to do when planning your trip to an overseas country is most likely to get information about its transportation system – trains, train stations, airports and public trainsport. In this article we would like to cover Moscow train stations. It's impossible not to mention them, when talking about travelling to/from Moscow. From the capital's extensive network of train stations one can travel as far as Yekaterinburg (1700 km) or even Vladivostok (9300 km)!

Below we summed up the key information on Moscow railway stations and their services, so you can spend more time on enjoying Moscow on your own or with a professional Moscow tour guide.


Should you require more detailed information on each of the stations in Moscow please view:

Train Stations Moscow

All of the train stations in Moscow are managed by the Russian Railways (in Russian "РЖД"/RZD). RZD is a natural monopoly. Owning the world's third-longest railroad network, it belongs to the Russian Government itself. 

There are nine railway stations in Moscow, all of which are located just next to the Metro exits. Seven of them, except Rizhsky and Savyolovsky stations, are connected by the Ring metro line. The image below shows location of all Moscow train stations on the Metro map.


As can be seen above, three railways stations Moscow – Kazansky, Yaroslavsky and Leningradsky – are located at the same Metro station (Komsomolskaya), at Komsomolskaya Square (also known as Three Station Square). These stations are sometimes confused by the first-time city visitors, so the following image may be useful if departing from/arriving to either of them.


Komsomolskaya Square – scheme showing train stations on Moscow Map. View from Hilton Leningradskaya Hotel (one of the "Seven Sisters" / Stalinist highrises).















Six out of nine Moscow railway stations – Leningradsky, Belorussky, Kievsky, Kursky, Rizhsky and Yaroslavsky serve domestic and also international destinations. Three other train stations, namely Kazansky, Paveletsky and Savyolovsky, serve domestic destinations only.  

Connection between the train stations is possible by the Moscow metro. An alternative option is taking a taxi (it’s easy to catch a cab via Uber or Get.Taxi mobile apps). 

Moscow Railway Stations Services 

There is a common set of features and services available for passengers at any Moscow railway station. They include:

  • Ticket Offices (or "Kassa" in Russian)
  • Electronic displays showing Train Schedule in Russian and English

  • Information desk (operators there speak very basic English, so please be patient and read below for tips)

  • Waiting Room and – at some stations – Business-class Waiting Room

  • Mother & Child Room

  • Cash-machines

  • Food stores, coffe-shops and – at the most important stations – really good restaurants

  • Mobile stores

  • Copy & print services (available at most stations) 

  • Wi-Fi (in test-mode at some stations)

  • Luggage storage facility

  • Toilets

  • First-aid Post

  • Police Office

 Some of these services will be considered in more detail below. 


Costs of some of Moscow Train Station Services

Porter service: 150-300 Rubles / per suitcase, depending on its size

Business-class lounges: 200-850 Rubles/hour, depending on the services provided. Available at some Moscow stations. Passengers travelling business class and owners of diplomatic passports have free access to them.

Car parking: 150 Rubles/hour

Hotel/Hostel – from shared to regular hotel-type rooms – price for 1 day: from 600 Rubles (per bed in a shared room) to 6000 Rubles per room.

Сoncierge services (meeting at the platform and porter service, ticket booking assistance and more): 3000 Rubles. Available at some stations.


For a trouble-free trip around Moscow city, please view our:Moscow Public Transport – Overview & Travel Tips

Booking a ticket at the Moscow Railway Station

At any train station Moscow one can get a train ticket to any destination, irregardless of a departure station.

Tickets can be purchased: 

  • At the Ticket Offices (Kassa) at all the Moscow railway stations in cash or by credit card.
  • via Self-service Terminals at the station (cash and credit cards accepted).


More details on how to book a ticket to the Russian Railway at:How to book Russian Train Ticket

Information Desks at Moscow Train Stations

At every station in Moscow, there is an information desk/information point (looks like on the picture below). You can usually find one next to ticket offices for long distance train routes. If the Moscow train station is large and spreads across several buildings (like Belorussky station) you may find another information point next to ticket offices for commuter (suburban) trains.  

Please note:

Operators at information desks will probably speak very basic English (at least those we spoke to when worked on this Guide), so please be patient.

There is good news, however, for those travelling via Belorussky, Paveletsky or Keivsky railway station, where Aeroexpress trains depart from. In the Aeroexpress area/waiting room at each of these railway stations, there are separate Information points where one can be assisted in fair English.


  • For assistance in English turn to an Aeroexpress  train area/ Information desk (available at Kievsky, Belorussky and Paveletsky station Moscow)


Information point at Paveletsky station
  Information desk at Belorussky station Aeroexpress area

Left Luggage Facilities Moscow

If you have a layover in Moscow and need to store your luggage for a few hours or several days – train stations can provide a great solution. Luggage storage lockers at the train stations are convenient and safe places to leave luggage in Moscow and very affordable as well!

You can leave baggage at Moscow train stations at:

  • regular luggage storage offices. All of your bags will be scanned, your ID card / passport will be required. The luggage storage service is about 170 Rubles / per bag / per day. 
  • automated luggage lockers (automated luggage lockers Moscow/Self Storage Moscow). You will be provided with an electronic key, your ID card will be required. Such luggage lockers Moscow are a little more expensive. Depending on the cell size it can be 100-200 Rubles/first hour, 40-100 Rubles any next hour, 220-500 Rubles/day.
  • As a general rule, avoid leaving valuables (purses, credit cards, expensive electronic devices or documents) at Self Storage Moscow.

Left luggage sign at Belorussky train station

For the left luggage facilities at a train station in Moscow follow "Cloakroom/ Камера хранения" direction.

Moscow train station left luggage offices are open 24/7.

Please note: due to increased safety measures at railway stations Moscow, automated luggage lockers may be temporarily out of service.


Regular luggage storage service at Leningradsky station / luggage storage Moscow
  Automatic lockers at Belorussky station / self-storage units Moscow

Business Class Areas at Moscow Train Stations

While regular free waiting rooms are available at every Moscow train station, some of them also offer business class waiting lounges. If you're travelling via Kazansky station or Kursky train station and have some spare time, Business class lounges there (VIP waiting rooms) are recommended to use. The one at Leningradsky station Moscow is undergoing complete renovation and not currently available (as of November 2015). 

Kazansky station business class lounge

Kursky station VIP waiting room




















Paveletsky station business class waiting area is not as impressive as the other ones. However, this train station offers a choice of quality restaurants on its ground floor (Il-Patio and Planet Sushi) as well as a comfortable open-space lounge on its 2nd floor (fee applies). This lounge can be found right next to the common waiting area, where the cafes on the 2nd floor are.

Security at Russian Train Stations

The security issue at Russian and Moscow train stations is of utmost importance to the managing company and local government. At the moment, all of the bags (including purses) are screened by special equipment at the entrance of each Moscow railway station, while police officers have the right do to additional security checks when required. 

Security checks at Moscow train station











Russian Railways Official Information & Contact Details

Russian Railways website and Hotline provide support in both English and Russian languages. For any question you may have regarding train schedule, ticket booking or Moscow train station, you may:

  • visit Russian Railways (RZD) official web site
  • call RZD Hotline 24/7: 8 (800) 775-00-00 for calls from inside Russia. If you're outside Russia dial: +7 (800) 775-00-00
  • Please be patient when contacting the Russian Railways hotline. The first Hotline operator to answer your call will – most likely – be a Russian-speaking one with very basic command of English. As soon as they hear you speaking English, they will ask you to hold on the line (can take 1-2 minutes) and then transfer your call to an English-speaking operator.


Discover the city with your Moscow tour guide

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