Moscow Transport Fares 2015

Last modified on 03 Apr 2020

This article covers information on current Moscow transportation costs.


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Mosсow Metro, Buses, Trams and Trolleybuses Fees in 2015

Thanks to recent improvements in the Moscow transport fare policy and an introduction of new travel cards, getting around the city has become even more convenient and affordable for short-time visitors of the Russian capital.

So, what were the main changes?

  • Day travel cards with unlimited number of rides became available
  • Any of the Moscow Metro tickets and Metro travel cards are now possible to use for buses, trams and trolleybuses as well! It means that if you buy, let's say, a ticket for 5 rides or one day travel card Moscow or a monthly travel card, you may use it for all types of Moscow transport (underground and overground).


All of the options below work across all types of transport in Moscow – i.e. Metro (Moscow Underground)buses, trams and trolleybuses (except “marshrootkas”):


Tickets with limited and unlimited number of rides

These types of tickets are also known as “unified tickets” or “Yediniy bilet” in Russian.

Tickets with limited number of rides

  • 1 ride at 50 Rubles
  • 2 rides at 100 Rubles
  • 5 rides at 180 Rubles
  • 11 rides at 360 Rubles
  • 20 rides at 580 Rubles

Tickets for 40 and 60 rides are also available.

Tickets with unlimited number of rides

  • 1-day travel card at 210 Rubles
  • 3-day travel card at 400 Rubles
  • 7-day travel card at 800 Rubles
  • 30-day travel card at 2000 Rubles

> Where to buy:

  • At the Metro ticket office (“Kassa”), located at the entrance of every Moscow metro station.


90-minute Ticket

  • 90-minute ticket at 60 Rubles (allows one metro ride and unlimited number of rides on ground transport (bus/trolleybus/tram) for 90 minutes)


  • Most popular tickets (for 1, 2 and sometimes 5 rides) can also be bought at ticket-vending machines, which are available in English.
  • Credit cards are not accepted (make sure you have enough cash – Rubles)
  • Cashiers are usually non-English speakers, so be patient.
  • There are no “zones” in Moscow, so it doesn't matter how far your journey is.
  • Metro ticket offices are open during the Metro working hours, that is between 5.30 am (5.50 am for some stations) and 1 am, and are available at each metro station.


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Troika Travel card

  • 1 metro or monorail ride at 30 Rubles
  • 1 ride on bus/tram/trolleybus at 29 Rubles
  • Discounted 90-minute Ticket at only 46 Rubles

Troika card is a stored-value smartcard, which allows single and multiple rides on Moscow Metro / Moscow Monorail and overground transport at a reduced price. It can be topped-up with any amount up to 3000 Rubles. Troika card is distinguished from the others by an image of three horses harnessed abreast depicted on it.

> Where to buy:

  • At the Metro ticket office (“Kassa”)

How to top up Troika card:

  • At the Metro ticket office (“Kassa”)
  • Via payment terminals of the following organizations, located all over the city: Credit bank of Moscow, Elecsnet, Europlat, Megafon.
  • At Aeroexpress ticket offices at Paveletsky, Belorussky and Kievsky train stations.


  • Troika is very similar to Oyster card of the London Underground, except it’s not that easy to top-up online for English speakers.
  • All of the sites that accept online payments for Troika are currently available in Russian only.


Monthly Travel cards

  • 30-day travel card at 2550 Rubles (allows up to 70 rides on Metro/Monorail and unlimited number of rides on Moscow trams, buses and trolleybuses)

> Where to buy:

  • At the Metro ticket office (“Kassa”)


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Moscow “Overground Transport Only” Fares

For those who prefer Moscow overground transport to the Metro and never mix the two, it is possible to get an “Overground Transport Only” ticket. Such ticket is called TAT (Russian acronym for Trolleybus-Bus-Tram), and allows rides on Moscow trams, buses and trolleybuses.

TAT tickets and fares:

  • 1 ride at 40 Rubles
  • 2 rides at 80 Rubles
  • 5 rides at 160 Rubles
  • 11 rides at 320 Rubles 

Tickets for 20, 40, and 60 rides are also offered.

Where to buy:

  • At the ticket offices located at larger Overground public transport stops
  • From a driver when boarding the bus/tram/trolleybus.

Moscow Marshrootka Fares

A single ride on Moscow marshrootka is either the same price as a regular bus/trolleybus or a little more expensive, so many locals just get on whatever arrives first.

When using a marshrootka, pay with cash to the driver when boarding. No travel cards are available for such types of transport, unfortunately.


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