Top Romantic Places in Moscow

Last modified on 12 Feb 2016

Trees of Love at Luzhkov Bridge

They say that there is no perfect time and place for love to happen, but sometimes it can be really helpful if the setting is in accordance with your feelings. It might not be Paris – the city believed to be the most romantic one in the world – but Moscow is definitely very similar to France's capital in what concerns the number of spectacular places where you can celebrate your love.

Moscow romantic places include themed parks and gardens, special restaurants and some other places where you can – once again or for the first time – declare your feelings for your loved one.

Parks and Gardens

1. Hermitage Garden

Situated on Karetny Ryad Street, right in the central part of Moscow, Hermitage Garden is an open-space area that is often described as the perfect place for couples. With delightful scenery by day, and a breathtaking atmosphere by night, Hermitage Garden is perfect no matter what time of the year it is. With many elegant sitting places right under the trees, but also with multiple comfortable cafes, this Garden would be the perfect choice for couples of any age or taste.


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2. Patriarchal Bridge

Patriarchal Bridge is located very close to The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and it is only destined for pedestrians. The amazing architecture featuring the traditional 19th century style and the wonderful atmosphere created by the numerous lights that can be seen during nighttime made this bridge one of the most popular choices of honeymooners and any other couples that want to celebrate their real love in a romantic way. In this dreamy context, you can walk along the bridge, watch the spectacular view and vow your endless love.

The Patriarch Bridge is one of the favourite spots of Kremlin Tour too. If you are travelling alone, we will make sure you will get to see this fantastic site and enjoy some of the best views of the city on our Moscow private tours.


3. "Tree of Love" on Luzhkov Bridge

Just like the ones in New York, Paris or Rome, the so-called "love bridge" in Moscow is definitely the first place that most couples choose to celebrate and promise their true and everlasting love. The Trees of Love on Luzhkov Bridge resemble a real forest, but these trees contain the eternal love symbols with the help of which so many enamored persons "locked" their feelings to remain the same forever. If you find yourself in Moscow and you want a fun way to declare your love, then Luzhkov is the perfect place for you.


4. Serebryany Bor Park

Serebryany Bor Park sets a perfect balance between the fun, recreational activities organized in nature and the quiet, romantic, specially organized places for those who simply want some moments of relaxation with their loved ones. Serebryany Bor is located in the north-western part of Moscow and is the most common open-space choice for the persons who want to forget about the rush and agitation of the city life. Connecting with the natural habitat, walking and holding hands with your partner while exploring the island, admiring the spectacular view that is offered at any time of the year – these are only some ideas for spending some quality time there. And the perfect thing is that there are many places especially designed for the little ones, so Serebryany Bor is an ideal option for the whole family.

Restaurants and Cafes

5. Vogue Café

Vogue Café is considered one of the most fashionable places in Moscow, being the common choice of the couples who want to spend an evening in a chic context with absolutely delicious food and beverages. The elegant and sophisticated interior design is characterized by black and gold colors and by the numerous photos of some of the most popular fashion models. The pleasant atmosphere, excellent food, and flawless service make Vogue Café a good choice for romantic, but modern couples. Vogue Café is located on Kuznetsky Most street, very close to Bolshoi Theatre and Red Square.


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6. Café Pushkin

Located on Tverskoy Boulevard, Café Pushkin is the place where traditional Russian and French cuisines blend in an elegant and lovely atmosphere. Café Pushkin combines, in a single place, a library, a top-class restaurant and a special café situated on the rooftop. The magnificent building and the stylish decorative furniture will make you feel as being part of Russia’s old, glory days. The flawless and polite serving is only one of the reasons why so many couples have Café Pushkin as their favorite dining place.


7. Turandot

If you want something romantic, but more luxurious, then Turandot restaurant could be the perfect choice for you. The extravagant and opulent interior and the delicious food, which combines European, Chinese, Japanese and traditional Russian cuisines, will make you and your partner feel like being actors in one of those old love movies. The palace-like aspect, the gold color you can see everywhere and the elegant, old-style plates are the ingredients of a comfortable, romantic evening with your loved one. Turandot is situated on Tverskoy Bulvar.


We hope you will enjoy these places if you are travelling together with your loved one. If you happen to travel to Moscow by yourself, these beautiful and charming city spots are worth visiting anyway! Let's explore them together on our Moscow private tours.