Top 8 Moscow Coffee Shops

Last modified on 19 Feb 2016

Are you planning to visit Moscow? Do your friends or closest ones call you a “coffee-enjoyer"? Then you are probably curious about the places and features, which represent coffee culture in Russia, and, to be more exact, in Moscow. In that case this article will definitely be of help!

We have analyzed some insights and blog posts by local coffee nerds, who have their favourite hang out places. Well-informed guests of the city tend to follow their example and come there to enjoy coffee during their tours in Moscow. So let us share their knowledge with you: there is a list of the best Moscow coffee shops!


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Authentic Moscow Coffee Shops


Fame of this coffee shop Moscow began in Soviet times on Oktyabrskaya Street because of marvelous pancakes with chocolate, which were a real chic for any sweet tooth! Since then the chain has collected many awards, and now Shokoladnitsa has much more points in Moscow. Its menu is broadened, but something lovely and nostalgic still left. Maybe because of those legendary pancakes, now not only with chocolate, but with a myriad of toppings. There you can find either classical coffee types, brewed using all the traditional methods, or specialties, such as “Columbia”, rich and rough, with chocolate after-taste and dried fruit aroma.

In 2014 Shokoladnitsa bought out another giant of top Moscow coffee house chains – Coffee House, which is still functioning under its original brand. There are many cozy places to visit!

Coffee House


Owned by its former closest rival Shocoladnitsa, Coffee House chain is notable for its moderate prices and convenient wide network of locations, especially in the Moscow centre. You can enjoy a cup of high quality coffee right here at the table or take a coffee-to-go. Each and every Coffee House Moscow has a unique interior, atmosphere and a number of habitues.

The menu includes mainly espresso-based drinks: you can either have classic options or customize your drink. Some of coffee menu positions have also cup size options. For fans of coffee with toppings we recommend paying a special attention to Double Cappuccino: Marshmallow + Caramel, Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate + Nuts and more will certainly suit your tastes! Besides, if you prefer iced and hot coffee-based cocktails or loose-leaf tea, they can be found there too. For hungry ones there is always something to eat: soups and salads, fast food, special breakfast and lunch menu, freshly baked pastries, ice-cream and even alcoholic beverages. So Coffee House is a Russian franchise not just of coffee houses but actually of fully-featured cafes!



Opened in 2001, this chain of coffee house Moscow is considered to serve one of the best coffee in Moscow, and it’s not only quite expensive and fashionable, but also a pioneering in some way. Coffeemania employees were the first in Moscow who selected and fried coffee beans on their own, and brewed coffee using Chemex. The high prices there are justified: the guests are paying for exceptional service and consistency.

Secondly, Coffeemania barista are true masters and have many professional awards. They created a special blend of espresso and prepare on its basis either classic cappuccino, lungo, latte and others or gourmet coffee cocktails, e.g. "Cappuccino Cream" or "Flat White" (New Zealand recipe).

Thirdly, Coffeemania is proud of their "Sweet collection" containing more than 40 kinds of exclusive confectionery products. And finally, at Coffeemania you can just have a hearty meal, prepared right here: salads, sandwiches, soups, hot and cold appetizers, omelettes and porridge, hot dishes and pastas.

Every restaurant of the chain is uniquely designed, and the most luxurious interior is at the Grand Coffemania. This main Moscow coffee house is located at the mansion on the Lubyanka, Maly Cherkassky Lane (right opposite the 5-star St. Regis hotel). It is one of our favourite places and worth checking out!

Double B

The most ambitious franchise of coffee shop Moscow that mushrooms and aims to take over the world (at least the part of it, which hates the letter "x" to be in the word "espresso"). Employees of this Russian coffee company go to African and Latin American countries themselves to select beans. While preparing all the drinks, barista follow recipes at the atomic level.

At the Double B coffee and tea shops there are also stores, where you can buy coffee beans, tea, as well as devices for brewing coffee and sets for tea parties. There is no meal menu, though a large variety of coffee-based beverages. In addition to classic espresso-based cappuccino, latte or ristretto, there are also drinks brewed slowly in Chemex, Hario and AeroPress. A sweet tooth will be delighted by author’s drinks - latte with syrups, "Coffee wind" espresso with hazelnut mousse, raf coffee with cream and vanilla sugar, with lavender, sage or citrus.

Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean is a pioneer of coffee movement in Moscow. In 1996 they first called themselves a coffee house Moscow and were first to ban smoking in order to preserve coffee aroma. Now Coffee Bean serves one of the best coffee in Moscow at seven coffee shops, each of them with its unique interior.

However, all the Coffee Bean points have similar atmosphere, coziness and very friendly service. In such places it’s nice not just to drop by, but to stay late. Of course, with a cup of coffee. The company offers a choice of more than 40 specialty varieties from the best manufacturers (grinding depends on your taste, too) and everything necessary to brew your favorite beverage at home. In the menu there are also sandwiches, desserts, freshly baked pastries. Some clients even saw movies and music videos were being filmed at one of the coffee shops!


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Prime is a well-developed Moscow self-service restaurant chain offering natural food and coffee at affordable prices that is also highly recommended. It is a part of Novikov Group, a company that owns 55 elite high-quality cafe chains in Moscow, which surely meet customers' expectations.

Coffee served here – cappuccino, espresso, latte, which are popular in Russia – are worth a try. Apart from coffee, you can enjoy there fresh juices, yoghurt drinks, sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts. Prime is the first chain that offers natural food without any preservatives, food colorants or taste improvers in a form of “fast casual” restaurants. It means quick service + quality meals, which are convenient to enjoy even on-the-go, thanks to a handy packing. There are a plenty (about 50) points of Prime cafes all around Moscow, including city centre. So if you are keen on a tasty and healthy meal with a cup of coffee, do not miss a chance to drop in!

Global Self-service Coffeehouse Chains Moscow


Starbucks is a very well-known American coffee shop chain with more than 22 000 points in the world. Those in Moscow differ very slightly, if at all, from the chain coffee houses in other megalopolises. So if you decided to drop by, be sure to get the same level of service.

Typical Starbucks visitors are mobile, energetic hurriers and workaholics, and the company came up with special no-spill cups and convenient cardboard trays for them. You can drink coffee at work, in a traffic jam, on a park bench and just on the go. Starbucks now offers 78 thousands of beverage combinations: coffee beans of all kinds, various types of milk, syrups, temperature and so on. Popular are hot espresso-based drinks, flexible to the needs of each and every client. Please also note - it’s not only a "coffee to go" chain, you are always welcome to have a sit at a table and enjoy sandwiches and cakes.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee chain came from the UK and has 17 coffee shops in Moscow, mainly located in the centre of the city. As at Starbucks, the level of service at Costa Coffee Moscow is as high as everywhere else.

Costa Coffee adheres strictly to the original technology of slow roasting coffee beans. This process reduces an inherent harshness of coffee, neutralizes its bitterness and provides the best taste and aroma. This coffee house Moscow offers its guests a unique mixture of “Mocha Italia”, created by Costa brothers and used until now at all the points. It’s also worth mentioning that the clients are usually amused by reasonable lunch prices, which includes coffee or tea, toast, salad or sandwich.

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

That is what you’ll hear at a coffee house somewhere in charming Moscow city, while having a quick coffee break or a plentiful lunch during one of our Moscow tours English. It will be a pleasure for us to arrange one of the tours in Moscow for your party and give you an insight into a local coffee world!

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